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CARES Electric & Heat Fund:
Fond du Lac Households qualify for assistance with their power and fuel bills. Bills must be in the name of a household member listed on the application. Applicants must supply a copy of their heating and power bill. Applications without copies of bills will be returned. See links below.
Information Sheet | Application

COVID-19 Leave Request Fillable Form

U.S. CDC web - COVID-19 page

Minnesota Dept. of Health COVID-19 page

Carlton County United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund

Fond du Lac State of Emergency Resolution 1101/20

FDL EOC Community Hotline: 218-878-7175

Social Distancing Guidelines

COVID-19 Symptoms Comparison

The Fond du Lac Band is one of six Chippewa Indian Bands that make up the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. The Fond du Lac Reservation was established by the La Pointe Treaty of 1854. Archaeologists, however, maintain that ancestors of the present day Chippewa (Ojibwe) have resided in the Great Lakes area since 800 A.D. Today, our Band includes over 4,200 members. The Ojibwe name for the Fond du Lac Reservation is "Nagaajiwanaang", which means "where the water stops".

Recent Additions:
Mobile Mammogram at MNAW - August 25, 26, 27
General Election - August 18

Community Notices:

8/5 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Fond du Lac Human Services Division was notified early evening on August 4th, 2020 of three lab-confirmed COVID-19 positive cases. Two of the infected patients live within the Fond du Lac Reservation; the third patient was tested at the Center for American Indian Resources (CAIR) clinic in Duluth, MN. A press release has been issued about this issue, click here to read the press release. A Facebook Live PSA was held on 8/5 at 10:00 am. Click here to view the video.
8/5 General Election Notice: Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic will still be with us when the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe general election is held on August 18th. In order to reduce traffic at the polls, Band members are encouraged to vote by absentee ballot or to vote early at the Election Office in the District I Cloquet Community Center. Click here for the full details
If you have questions or would like an absentee ballot request form, please call Naomi Northrup at 218.409.4673 or 218.878.2662, or email naominorthrup@fdlrez.com. You can also use the form that is available here.
8/3 Fond du Lac receives praise from Gov. Walz in interview: FDL Ojibwe School Superintendent Jennifer Murray was interviewed recently by Dan Huculac, WGZS Station Manager, about what worked, and what didn't with distance learning put in place back in March. A portion of this interview was picked up by KAXE, where MN Gov. Walz commented on Superintendent Murray's thoughts, and was very impressed. Listen to an excerpt below.
7/31 In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Reservation Business Committee approved the following three employment policies: the Covid-19 Emergency Telework and Workplace Safety Policy, the COVID-19 Emergency Leave Policy, and the Temporary Public Health Emergency Leave Policy. See the policies below, along with a fillable COVID-19 Leave Request form.
COVID-19 Emergency Telework and Workplace Safety Policy
COVID-19 Emergency Leave Policy
Temporary Public Health Emergency Leave Policy
COVID-19 Leave Request fillable form
7/31 Attention birch bark, basswood bark, and ironwood pole gatherers: An opportunity exists on MN DNR lands about 10 miles north of the Duluth Airport to gather birch bark, basswood bark, or ironwood poles. The access is gated but can be opened for interested Band members. Please contact Christian Nelson at FDL Forestry for more information. 878-7101.
7/31 NOTICE: The Fond du Lac Air Quality Program has posted the 2020 2nd Quarter Report on expenditures of the Volkswagon Diesel Emission Environmental Trust For Tribes. Click here to read the quarterly report.
7/30 2020-21 School Year Notice: The FDL Ojibwe School has posted their 2020-21 School Year Preparedness Plan and School Preference Survey to their website. Click here to visit the FDL Ojibwe School website and reda the notice.
7/28 NOTICE: The invasive species program has received information that people in Minnesota have been receiving packages of unknown seed mixes from China. If you receive one of these packages please do not throw away or plant the seed. Instead please contact the Arrest the Pest line at 1-888-545-6684 or arrest.the.pest@state.mn.us and provide your name, contact information, and the date the package was received. More information can be found on the MDA's website or by contacting Kelsey Taylor with the invasive species program.
7/27 Notice: FDL Human Services wants to remind our community that they have Sharps Return Drop-offs available at both CAIR and MNAW, to help you safely dispose of any used sharp medical items. See details below.
Sharps Return Details
7/20 Home Sales for Band members in Duluth, MN: One Roof Housing just informed us that there are two homes ready for marketing to FDL Band members. One home is in West Duluth and the other is in Woodland. The FDL Band will contribute $30,000 per home if purchased by an FDL Band member. See information on each home for sale below:
Home for Sale - 132 W. Winona St.
Home for Sale - 529 S. 64th Ave. W.
7/17 NOTICE: Unfortunately the Open RBC Meeting was “zoom bombed” with inappropriate images and speech, as a result of this inappropriate behavior we had to end the open meeting. At the next meeting there will be additional security measures put into place. Please click here for the statement issued by the RBC.
7/15 NOTICE: The seasons and limits for fall hunting and trapping seasons on the FDL Reservation and the 1854 and 1837 Ceded Territories of Minnesota have been approved by the RBC. Details on season dates, bag limits and moose permit applications can be found here or by calling the Resource Management Division at 878-7101.
7/9 Masks and Social Distancing: During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remain vigilant in our efforts to practice social distancing, wear cloth masks to protect those around us, and wash our hands often. There are plenty of great resources to help us maintain these goals. Please see the links below for a small sample of resources, and continue to stay safe! #FDLStrong!
Protect Yourself and Others: COVID-19 - MN Dept. of Health Information site.
How to wear and remove a cloth mask safely (pdf)
Social Distancing guidelines (pdf)
6/12 Notice: On June 12, 2020, the Reservation Business Committee approved Resolution #1263/20, which lifts the stay-at-home order and curfew for the Fond du Lac Reservation, effective at 10 a.m. on Monday, June 15, 2020. Click here to view the resolution.
The Band’s state of emergency, declared through Resolution #1101/20, and Band’s the public health emergency, declared through Resolution #1172/20, remain in place. Click here to view the emergency declaration and click here to view the public health emergency declaration.
6/11 Expanded and updated COVID-19 testing update: On May 19, 2020 Fond du Lac Human Services made the decision to stop the use of the Abbott ID NOW point-of-care COVID-19 testing due to concerns about the accuracy of results. As discussed, we continued to evaluate the machine’s test result accuracy from new evidence and research and feel confident in resuming this as a test option here at Fond du Lac. Abbott ID NOW is a point-of-care test that provides us test results within 20-minutes (Min No Aya Win only). Mayo Clinic Laboratory is our second testing and they provide us test results in 1-5 days and is being done at each clinic site. Both of these testing methods have been authorized for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use during this public health emergency under their Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) authority. The medical care we provide to the Fond du Lac Community is our highest priority and we will continue to evaluate all testing options during this time. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 please contact our triage team at 218-878-2120 or after hours at 218-879-1227 to talk with the on-call physician. Christine Davis, FNP Medical Clinic Coordinator.
6/4 Summer Lunches: The FDL Ojibwe School Summer Lunch Program will run from June 8 - September 4, Mondays - Thursdays, from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm each day. Please click here for full details.
6/1 Fitness Class Notice: Want to stay fit while social distancing? FDL Human Services is holding fitness classes through Zoom meetings. Please email Katie Hughes at Kathleenhughes@fdlrez.com if you are interested in more information. Click here for details.
Yoga - Mondays 12-1pm
PiYo - Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1pm
Get Fit - Wednesdays 12-1pm
6/1 Weekend Lunches: Parents need to call their center number by 9 AM on Thursdays. If you are/have a child (up to 17 years old) and are in need of lunches over the weekend who attends either: South Ridge, Carlton or Cloquet Schools please call your child’s District Community Center.
Cloquet Community Center: 218-878-7510
Brookston Community Center: 218-878-8033
Sawyer Community Center: 218-878-8197
6/1 Elder Meals Update:
If you are an Elder living in the Cloquet District please call the Cloquet ENP at 218-878-2661.
If you are an Elder living in the Brookston District please call the Brookston ENP at 218-878-8042.
If you are an elder living in the Sawyer District that does not receive an ENP delivered meal please call Brookston ENP at 218-878-8042.
(Due to COVID-19 and staffing, Sawyer Elders are being directed to call Brookston ENP to sign up for a lunch)