FDL Online Registration Page for Deer, Bear, Turkey and Crane

Only animals taken in the 1854 and 1837 Ceded Territories of Minnesota or on the FDL Reservation can be registered here. Animals taken in Wisconsin or Michigan must be registered at the Resource Management Division Office.

You will need to have the following information before you can register online.

  1. The hunter’s name.
  2. The hunter’s 4 digit license (ID card) number or 5 digit license number for members of other Bands hunting on the FDL Reservation.
  3. The 3 or 4 digit number from the carcass tag on the animal.
  4. The unit where the animal was taken (see maps below).
  5. The animal’s sex - male or female.
  6. The date of harvest.
  7. The method of harvest – bow, or firearm.

You will not receive a registration tag for an online registration; however, your registration information will be recorded at the Resource Management Division office.

Deer Map
Turkey Units

From the map above (click image to enlarge), please determine the unit where you took your animal before proceeding to the registration page.

For turkey please use this link:
Turkey Registration Link

Thanks and let us know how this process works for you.