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Meet the Doulas


Megan Wait

Boozhoo, my name is Megan Wait. I was born and raised here on the Fond du Lac reservation. I became interested in Doula work shortly after having a natural delivery with my daughter Paisley in 2014. I had an amazing experience during my birth and I believe a lot of it was from my support team, having everyone there helping me through delivery was so awesome. I hope to give the same support to women in our community and help them along the beautiful journey of becoming a mother.

Tammy Dixon

Hi my name is Tammy Dixon I started as a birth doula in 1999 and have found my calling in empowering, educating, and supporting women during birth. Each birth is exciting, different and each one creates a new family. It is my great honor to serve women on that life-changing day. I strive to help each woman have the birth experience she desires. I especially love helping dads get as involved as they are able to be! I have attended hospital births, cesarean births, VBACs (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) high risk and twin births.

My husband and I have one daughter she is 13 years old, having her has been the most amazing gift of life has to offer. I have experienced pregnancy loss, and at 40 years old I had a high risk caesarian birth. I believe these experiences give me both compassion and insight for women having a difficult pregnancy or delivery. I had a difficult start with breastfeeding so pumped breast milk for our daughter for 6 months. So, I love to encourage moms to provide breast milk by breastfeeding or pumping because it is simply the best milk, liquid gold, designed especially for your baby’s needs. In 2018, I received my Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor certification.

Valerie Zhaawendaagozikwe

My name is Valerie Zhaawendaagozikwe. I am a descendent from Fond du Lac and Muckleshoot. I am enrolled in Long Plain’s First Nation, in Canada. I’ve moved around a lot in my younger years, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and back and forth from Minnesota. I grew up in a very spiritual and traditional family. Both my parents did ceremonies and taught me a lot of what they know. After high school I went down a dark path for a couple of years, struggling with addiction. But, found my way back to ceremonies and recovery. At that point I found my partner and became pregnant. I wanted to do and learn everything I could to help my baby come into this world in a good way. My partner was very supportive of that. I got a doula, and began my journey to motherhood. I learned all kinds of new things pertaining to my body and having my son. I breastfed exclusively for nine months and continue to. My son will be two in May, 2019. I was asked to do a doula training and I’m still doing it to this day. I love being able to share intimate knowledge with mothers about our bodies, birth, breastfeeding, and traditional aspects involving parenthood. I feel there is no greater gift than to be allowed in that sacred space with the family and to witness and help a new life. Thanks to the mother and fathers that are helping me help you on this journey. - Miigwech