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Meet the Doulas

Ashley Tegels

Hi, my name is Ashley Tegels. I had the support and encouragement of a doula during the birth of my first child, Axel. I remember feeling overwhelming gratitude after his birth. I will forever be grateful for my doula as she helped me have a beautiful birth experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. After the birth of my son, I knew I wanted to support mothers in bringing their babies into this world in the same gentle and caring way. I am passionate about empowering women as well as being able to support their choices to make their birth experience a positive one. Every mother deserves the unconditional support, non-judgmental attitude, and knowledge of birth that a doula provides to help them create their unique birth experience.


Megan Wait

Boozhoo, my name is Megan Wait. I was born and raised here on the Fond du Lac reservation. I became interested in Doula work shortly after having a natural delivery with my daughter Paisley in 2014. I had an amazing experience during my birth and I believe a lot of it was from my support team, having everyone there helping me through delivery was so awesome. I hope to give the same support to women in our community and help them along the beautiful journey of becoming a mother.


Hanna Durfee

I took my DONA certification course right out of college knowing that being a doula was the path for me; however, I did not realize just how beneficial this work was until I gave birth to my daughter, River, with my partner and doula by my side. Even as an incredibly independent and stubborn woman, I realized quickly during my pregnancy that I needed to lean on others for support, which came very true to me during labor as I chose to have an unmedicated birth. I couldn’t have done it without my team  It is my mission as a doula to help build a safe, informed, empowering, and positive birth experience. I’m also very passionate about postpartum support and will check in as often as needed in those precious first few weeks with your newborn.


Tammy Dixon

Hi my name is Tammy Dixon I started as a birth doula in 1999 and have found my calling in empowering, educating, and supporting women during birth. Each birth is exciting, different and each one creates a new family. It is my great honor to serve women on that life-changing day. I strive to help each woman have the birth experience she desires. I especially love helping dads get as involved as they are able to be! I have attended hospital births, cesarean births, VBACs (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) high risk and twin births. My husband and I have one daughter she is 10 years old, having her has been the most amazing gift of life has to offer. I have experienced pregnancy loss, and at 40 years old I had a high risk caesarian birth. I believe these experiences give me both compassion and insight for women having a difficult pregnancy or delivery. I had a difficult start with breastfeeding so pumped breast milk for our daughter for 6 months. So I love to encourage moms to provide breast milk by breastfeeding or pumping because it is simply the best milk- liquid gold- designed especially for your baby’s needs.


Nacie Sam

The experiences I had with my births led me to my current Doula role. There were times I was alone, now I know I could have had a Doula with me. There are so many things I know now that I wish I would have known when I first had my boys. Now that I am a Doula, I am happy to help the mamas I work with have the best experience possible. Now I make sure I get to know my clients, so I become less of a stranger as I support them before, during, and after labor. I want to give great support, information, and encouragement, and help mamas discover the power they had within all along.