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Pit Run
Sewer - Mound
Cover Sand
Top Soil

Washed Sand
USGA Certified Sand
2mm Bunker
80/20 - 90/10 Blend
Construction Sand




Pit Run
Rocky Pit Run
Class 5 Road Mix
Class 1 Shouldering Mix
Pea Rock
3/4" Rock
1.5" Rock
1" - 3" Rock
3" - 6" Rock
6" - Larger Rock

Trucking Available
Land Clearing
Snow Plowing
Septic Pumping
Septic Installs
Waterline Tie-Ins

Please call for pricing.

Phone: (218) 878-7574

Construction Request for Estimate

Request for Estimate Form (pdf)

Estimate form completion instructions:

  • Completely fill in top section, save form, and e-mail to Fond du Lac Construction at the following email address: fdlconstructionbids@fdlrez.com
  • Once the bid has been completed by Construction they will send it back for approval.
  • If you approve of the requested bid amount, print and sign the form, then send to the Construction office. Once a completely filled out form has been received by FDL Construction, work will begin.

NOTE: A purchase order number and funding source must be filled in or it will be considered incomplete and returned.