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Document Archival Services

Archiving is a way of saving documents and getting rid of paper. Archiving is not a working database. Archived documents cannot be deleted or manipulated by the end user. The systems operator is the only one who has the ability to change, add or delete documents. An end user can only view and print. The documents can be exported but not manipulated.

Scanning and indexing has many exceptions but is basically the same procedure for all documents. Documents are first scanned at a high resolution for best viewing quality, then indexed by the field values. Documents can be reviewed through WebXtender by the end user.

An application is built by the archivist, with the field values set for ease of retrieval by the end user. The department manager or division director will direct the archivist to provide the proper users access to the documents. Their viewing privileges will be installed at that point. When a department has multiple documents archived, access to each document can be given to different individuals within the department. The archivist will provide instruction as necessary for document retrieval.

Documents can be accessible at each end user's workstation for a specified period, but will eventually need to be saved to DVD format, in order to save space on the archival server for other documents and other users of the archiving system. Three DVD’s will be saved, with one given to the department, one stored in IT storage, and one is stored off-site for disaster preparedness.

Documents in the archival system can be exported as an Adobe PDF and sent to an end user for electronic correspondence if needed.


Lee Main
878-3727 (IT Service Desk)