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Job Announcement

Title: Restaurant Wait Staff, Full/Part Time
Closing Date: Permanent Posting
Contact: Black Bear Human Resources, Phone: (218) 878-2340


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Presents menus to guests, suggesting dinner courses, appropriate beverages, and answering questions regarding food preparation.
  • Writes orders on the check. Relays order to the kitchen and serves courses from the kitchen and service bars. Garnishes and decorates dishes prior to serving.
  • Serves meals to guests according to established rules of etiquette. Serves guests from the chafing dish at the table as necessary. Ladles soup, tosses salads, portions pies and deserts, brews coffee, and performs other services as determined necessary.
  • May be required to prepare and serve alcoholic beverages to customers, as needed.
  • Strictly follows State of Minnesota guidelines for the checking of identification of customers who appears to be under 21 years of age. Follows serving guidelines for intoxicated customers and advises the manager on duty if the customer appears to be under the excessive influence for a determination as to the continued service of alcohol.
  • Observes guests to respond to any additional requests and to determine when the meal has been completed.
  • Totals bills and accepts payment or refers guest to host/hostess.
  • Removes dishes from table, as necessary, and carries them to the kitchen. Resets tables at the conclusion of each course.
  • As necessary, funnels the food from both sides of the cook line. Visually inspects the food presentation, proper portion size, and cleanliness.
  • Assists in the set up of salad station with the assistance of the salad person. Assists in setting up server trays for pick up by the server. Ensures plates are arranged in sequence beginning with the pivot point. Assists in maintaining the cleanliness of the line at all times.
  • Keeps the line stocked at full par levels (jellies, whipped butter, syrup, butter, margarine, syrup, paper products, carry-out items, salad, dressings, croutons, parmesan, etc.).
  • Maintains and uses warm sanitizing solution.
  • Monitors hot and cold food temperatures throughout the shift.
  • Maintains a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Must attend all required Title 31 and/or SAR trainings.
  • As necessary, observes timing of all orders to comply with restaurant specifications. Communicates with the kitchen staff. Becomes knowledgeable of the complete menu and menu specifications to include plate size, garnish, plate set up, accompaniments, sauces, and portion size.
  • Recognizes that employees have certain personal responsibilities which affect the operational efficiency of the Casino. Maintains proper attendance in accordance with Casino policy.
  • Reports to work on time in accordance with Casino policy. Provides adequate notice to supervisor prior to absence or lateness in accordance with Casino policy.
  • Recognizes that each employee is a representative of the Casino, and is responsible for demonstrating courtesy, respect, and sensitivity to the needs of every person (visitors, co-workers).
  • Due to changes and modifications in your job from time to time, we require employees to be flexible and assume other responsibilities assigned by management as management sees the necessity. Some assignments may not be listed in this description at this time.

Physical Requirements:

  • Prolonged standing and walking is required.
  • Lifting and carrying up to 25 pounds is required.
  • All employees shall thoroughly wash hands and arms with soap and water before starting work and wash hands during work hours as often as may be required to remove soil and contamination as well as after visiting the wash room.
  • Subject to inside environmental conditions, including work in a smoking environment.

Job Requirements:

  • Must meet age requirement of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe liquor ordinance.
  • Alcohol Awareness Training is required and will be provided.
  • Demonstrated experience as a server, waiter/waitress is desired.
  • Knowledge of cleanliness and sanitation standards for food serving is required. Knowledge of personal cleanliness standards and ability to conform to good hygienic practices is required.
  • Ability to communicate effectively is required.
  • Strong customer service skills are required.
  • Mathematical ability is desired.
  • Incumbent is subject to bonding, security checks and other pre-employment screening requirements.


Human Resource Department

Second Floor, Black Bear Hotel
1785 Hwy. 210, Carlton, MN 55718


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